Adoption Gifts for Boys
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Adoption Gifts for Boys

Many adoptive parents opt to welcome their new boy into their family with not only open arms but also a tangible token of their affection. By selecting a present specifically for the adopted child that is about to enter your family, you can show this boy that you are thrilled that he is joining your clan. When picking a gift for this occasion, look for a present that will both help the child get to know you and your family and serve as a memento of this event.

Stuffed Animal Family

Give your new son a cuddly present representative of a welcoming family by buying him a stuffed animal family. Select a tiny teddy bear, and pair it with two larger teddy bears, representing his mother and father, or buy a trio of appropriately sized animals of your choice to represent this group that he has newly entered. If your family has other children as members, purchase small animals to represent them as well. This gift is particularly appropriate if the recipient is young and may still be a fan of cuddling up with stuffed animals.

Personalized MP3 Player

If picking a gift for an older boy, consider a personalized MP3 player. Ask the new family member his favorite color, and select an MP3 player in this hue. Pick a metallic player, and have it engraved with a message to the new family member or, more simply, his name and the date on which he officially became part of your family. Pair this gift with a gift certificate to an online music service, giving him everything he needs to fill his gift up with some of his favorite tunes.

Activity Tickets

Give your newly adopted son the gift of your time by buying activity tickets for the entire family as a way to commemorate his addition to the group. Buy tickets to an area amusement park, sporting event or concert. Present these tickets to your newly adopted boy along with a card, explaining that you look forward to spending quality time with him in the years to come.

Dog Tags

Present your new son with a token of his joining your family that he can carry with him by buying him some personalized dog tags. Pick standard silver tags, or instead buy a set in his favorite color. Have the tags engraved with his name and the date on which he joined your family or compose a personal message to him and have it placed on the tags.

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