Creative Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
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Creative Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas trees have long been a symbol of the season of giving. As you set out to deck your tree this year, consider mixing up your tree-decorating pattern. By adopting a creative tree design, you can make your tree look put-together and increase the attention-getting nature of the display. Pick a pattern of decorating that reflects your interests to make your tree not only a symbol of the holiday but also of the things you hold dear.

Monochromatic Masterpiece

Create a contemporary work of art by crafting a monochromatic tree design. To create this elegant tree look, fill your branches with accessories that are all the same hue. Select a hue that contrasts well with the deep green of a classic evergreen, such as cream or stark white, or pick a color that is reflective of your interests, such as hot pink to represent your love of all things girly or yellow to signify your sunny disposition. To craft a tree of this type without investing in an entirely new collection of ornaments, give tired ornaments a facelift by spray painting them to match your featured hue.

Nature’s Beauty-Themed Tree

Make your tree a reflection of the natural beauty of the outdoors. To give your tree this eco-inspired theme, fill it with ornaments displaying animals and plants. Attach silk flowers to the boughs using floral wire. Nestle small wildlife stuffed animals into the branches, placing a squirrel in one section, some birds in another and a petite raccoon in a third. Seek natural material to use in place of plastic garlands, such as earthy raffia or vines of flowers. To make your earthy tree better for the environment, select energy-efficient lights to add sparkle.

Classic Toys Turned Ornaments

Create a tree that is rooted in the past by turning classic toys into tree-decorating pieces. To prepare this vintage-toy-inspired tree, gather petite classic toys. If you know far in advance of Christmas that you would like to craft a tree of this type, visit flea markets or antique shops, seeking toys of this type. When the holiday season arrives, place these toys in, not under, your tree. Attach each toy to a tree branch either by hanging it with a ribbon or, if you would prefer placing the toy on the branch, attaching it with floral wire. Your kids will likely delight in looking at these vintage toys in your tree as they differ so greatly from the mass-produced pieces of today.

Picture Ornament Trees

Make your tree truly a reflection of your family by filling it with only ornament-bearing pictures. To create this tree, either purchase ornaments that feature frames, transform small frames into ornaments by attaching ribbon with hot glue, or use cardboard to create frame-less picture ornaments in a variety of shapes and sizes. Select an assortment of pictures that show your family either now or during past years. Carry this theme all the way to the top of the tree by placing a large framed family portrait at the top of your evergreen.

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