Baby Diaper Rash Relief
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Baby Diaper Rash Relief

The skin in the area covered by a baby’s diaper is very sensitive, often leading to a diaper rash. The sensitive skin might become irritated from urine, stools and rubbing of the diaper. Bacteria and yeast complicates the irritation. Your baby’s diaper rash might range from a minor irritation to painful redness with bumps that spread all over the area. Relief techniques help your baby feel more comfortable and might speed the healing process.

Step 1

Change your infant’s diaper more frequently during the diaper rash. This helps keep the area dry as possible for reduced irritation.

Step 2

Dab the area instead of rubbing to remove urine and stool. Use a soft cloth moistened with water if the baby wipes seem to aggravate the diaper rash more. The AskDrSears website also suggests washing the area with water by spraying it with a bulb syringe.

Step 3

Pat your baby’s bottom dry before putting another diaper on to remove any excess moisture.

Step 4

Leave your baby’s diaper off for short periods of time. Drying out the diaper rash by exposing it to the air helps it heal faster.

Step 5

Apply a generous layer of diaper ointment on the entire affected area. Use either a zinc oxide or petroleum jelly-based ointment.

Step 6

Contact your child’s doctor if the diaper rash doesn’t begin clearing after a few days. The rash could be caused by something else, such as yeast or impetigo. Prescriptions help clear up these diaper rashes.


  • Avoid using baby powder to dry out the area as it can get into your baby’s lungs.
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