Holiday Shopping For Your Husband
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Holiday Shopping For Your Husband

Husbands, dads, uncles, brothers, grandfathers – they’re usually the hardest ones on my holiday shopping list.

I think we can all agree that us girls are a little easier to buy for… there’s always a new pair of boots, a cute top or a new bag that we want!

If the men in your life happen to be sports fans like mine, I’m here to help you decide on the perfect gift.

Instead of going the traditional route of jerseys and team sweatshirts, why not try something interesting and unique?

Here are some great ideas for every type of sports fanatic in your life, even teenagers!

For Your Sports Fan That Also Loves a Good Book

Shaq Uncut: My Story

The NBA is back on track and Shaq is back as well this season with his new book, Shaq Uncut.

This four-time NBA champion opens up about his not-so-great relationship with former teammate Kobe Bryant and former coach Phil Jackson.  A great read for any sports fan!

West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life

Jerry West is known for a very successful college basketball career at West Virginia University (this book is going to be a stocking stuffer for my WVU alumni husband.. shhh!). And he’s also known for his 40 year career as a general manager with the Los Angeles Lakers. Why read this book? Because thanks to this man, the Lakers are the winners they’re known as today!

Through My Eyes

Maybe you haven’t heard of Tim Tebow’s run as one of the greatest college football quarterbacks, but you’re probably hearing about him now as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos started the season 1-4, and are now 6-1 after the bye week. Not sure what all those numbers mean? The bottom line is that Tim Tebow is WINNING for the Broncos! Football fans who love seeing him play would definitely love to read this book on how his strong Christian faith and family values made him into a star NFL quarterback.

For The Tailgating Sports Fan

Pong Table

Get your favorite team on a tailgating/ping pong/beer pong table! We got this one for my dad who has season tickets to the Eagles last Christmas, and he loves it:

Plus, it’s a super cute way to put out all that yummy tailgating food!


Sportulas like this here Texas Longhorns one (shown below) are the perfect gift, and these are made with every college sports logo you can think of. My husband has a WVU and loves to grill using this! Bonus: There’s a the beer bottle opener on the handle.


For The Teenage Sports Fan

NFL Training Camp for Wii

This video game helps teens get fit like their favorite NFL players!

Team iPhone Case

Perfect to go with the new iPhone 4 or 4s, the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA all carry iPhone covers just like this Boston Redsox one!

Perfect for fans who want to show off their favorite team any time they flash their phone. Plus, the cases protect your tech gadget from damage.

For The Man Cave


These life-size wall graphics were a huge thing a few years ago – in fact, I remember they showed the commercial so much my 3year-old kept saying he wanted a SpongeBob Fathead. Now they’ve come out with something even cooler for any sports fan…FatHead In Your Face. My neighbor has one in his office, and I can say it is really in your face. You feel like you are walking into the game! It’s also perfect for a teenager’s room!

Happy Shopping, Mammas!


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