A Joining of Souls
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A Joining of Souls

When you are lucky enough to find someone who is living a similar purpose to your own, support one another. That is love!

Resist competing. There is no better you and no one better to do your work. You are unique but having parallel purpose is a gift. A joining of souls. We are all here together for a reason. We can compete against one another, or we can love and provide support.

Reach out your hand to another. Lift each other up as you rise out of love. Appreciate the light in others. Instead of trying to outshine, be confident in who you are and your glorious purpose on this planet.

We are all here to help each other. To love one another. To learn from each other. Let that be the focus of your interactions.

Love is all that is real.

The rest is a facade.

Spread love, support & happiness!

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