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"Lipstick Jungle" Brings Modern Moms to Life

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the new Candace Bushnell-inspired TV show, “Lipstick Jungle,” which premieres tonight on NBC. Co-stars Brooke Shields, mom to Rowan, 5, and Grier, 2, and Kim Raver, mom to Luke, 5, and Leo, 4 months, have been photographed bonding over baby stories and lunch in between takes. They even bring their kids to work so they can play together. Brooke and Kim’s ability to work and be hands-on moms at the same time is testament to the set’s kid-friendly atmosphere. Executive producer and director, Timothy Busfield (yes, he’s the former thirtysomething star), who was raised by a single mom, has actually encouraged the cast to bring their little ones to the set in the name of creating a happy work environment. The flexibility for his mom-filled cast doesn’t stop there. “If Kim breaks to nurse, no one is allowed to make her feel bad or rush,” he said. “This is a show when women can bring their kids. I don’t expect you to leave them at home, I’ll wait for you to finish pumping if you need to.” If only all our jobs could be so flexible, right?

Hopefully “Lipstick Jungle” will help raise appreciation for working moms. Timothy said this is one of goals for the show, adding that he hopes it will really represent how much moms do to make their lives, and their kid’s lives, possible.  “I’d love the show to be, at its core, about the difficulty of the working mom, a leader in the workplace, who still is a mom and wife who provides for her husband and kids, he said. “My dream moment is to see Brooke [Shields] come home after an enormously long day and have to load the dishwasher.”

“Lipstick Jungle” premieres tonight on NBC at 10 p.m., 9pm Central. Let us know what you think if you tune in. I’ll definitely be watching!

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