Marcia Cross: Not A Desperate Housewife At All!
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Marcia Cross: Not A Desperate Housewife At All!

We spoke to Marcia Cross, the gorgeous red headed star of “Desperate Housewives,” about how she handles being a working mom with twin 3-year-old girls, how she relates to her character on the show and her new project building playgrounds with KaBOOM. She is so down to earth. You’ve got to read this interview!

Finding a Balance Between Work and Kids

If I have a 12 or 14 hour workday, I am home the next. I cut out anything that is frivolous or doesn’t need to be done. I try to balance it out on the whole. Being a mom is always the priority. Next, it’s taking care of yourself. Right now, I get to only work two days a week – it’s a dream. I can’t imagine how hard it is for mothers who work 40 hours a week. When “Desperate Housewives” ends, I think my girls will be about the kindergarten age. I will be so happy to be there for them through that huge transition.

Being a Mom Changed Me

Being a mom makes you be a better person in every single way. You have to learn how to be more patient and more creative than you ever thought possible. Every single mom knows what I’m talking about.

I’m Guilty of Sheltering My Girls

I’m a little guilty of sheltering my girls because the world will come at them soon enough. I have to teach them the hard stuff soon, like the life cycle and that people aren’t here forever. I think it’s okay to shelter them when they’re so young. I can’t even imagine the days when they will want their independence. That’s what I try and teach them, but when they show they want to be independent, I’m happy and sad at the same time.

I’m Not At All Like Bree

Bree and I have nothing in common! I am definitely not her! She loves to cook and that’s definitely one of my weakest areas. But, I can make a great cappuccino or latte, so I’m good for breakfast time!

The “Clicking Zone”

Right now, my kids watch very little television. I take them to aquariums and museums on my days off. They take an art class and swimming lessons. They are also doing a camp where they get to visit and explore different playgrounds! [When they get to an age when they begin to use the computer regularly] I think I will monitor them a lot. I know what the computer does for me you get in a clicking zone. I don’t want my kids sitting there clicking away all day.

Kids Need a Safe Place to Play

I’ve partnered with Mott’s and the non-profit organization KaBOOM! to encourage healthy and active lifestyles by providing great places for kids to play. I will join hundreds of volunteers to help build a new playground at the LeRoy Haynes Center in LaVerne, California. Kids need a safe place to play, where they can grow not only physically but psychologically – where their sense of self confidence can grow.

Parting Words

It’s a privilege, a challenge and my greatest choice to be a mother!

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