Liev Shrieber Thinks Actors Make Great Parents
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Liev Shrieber Thinks Actors Make Great Parents

“Salt” actor, Liev Shreiber, credits his amazing parenting skills to being an actor.

Liev, 42, and wife Naomi Watts “can play longer than either [one of his kids],” according to “New York.” Liev and Naomi have two sons, Sasha, 2, and Samuel Kai, 19 months.

On the inside of his right forearm, Liev has a “Sasha” tattoo and on his left forearm, he has a “Kai” tattoo. Find out what other celebs have tattoos with their kids’ names.

Liev believes that the ability to role play is a great quality to have as a parent. But he readily admits that Naomi is better at it than he is, “Naomi is probably the best little kid that I’ve ever seen. She understands that to play with kids you have to get into the game.”

Liev muses about role playing with his kids, “You’ve got to fly a dinosaur around the house for a while and give the dinosaur a voice so Sasha can talk to you with his dinosaur and the two dinosaurs get to sit down, have lunch, maybe meet a dragon, and if you’re really lucky, maybe a lady bug will come along.”

What parent hasn’t dined with a dragon and a lady bug?

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