How to Clean Floor Grout
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How to Clean Floor Grout

Tile floors create a upscale look in a home, but dirty grout lines detract from the natural beauty of the tiles. The tiles themselves are relatively easy to clean and resist stains from spills. Because it is porous, grout is more susceptible to staining and buildup of dirt. If the grout is light-colored, the dirt and grime shows up more prominently. An occasional deep cleaning of the grout is necessary in addition to daily floor cleaning.

Step 1

Sweep the floor to remove any loose dirt. Vacuum the floor if sweeping leaves behind dirt particles.

Step 2

Mix the oxygen bleach and water according to the package directions. Stir until the oxygen bleach powder is dissolved. Oxygen bleach does not have the same fumes as chlorine bleach and won’t affect the color of the grout.

Step 3

Apply the oxygen bleach and water mixture with a mop, making sure all of the grout lines are covered. Leave a standing layer of the solution on the grout lines.

Step 4

Let the oxygen bleach solution sit on the grout at least 30 minutes. The solution handles more of the work the longer you leave it on. Reapply more solution if any of the grout lines appear dry or no longer have solution standing on them.

Step 5

Scour the grout lines gently with a scrub brush to remove any dirt or stains still remaining.

Step 6

Mop up the oxygen bleach solution from the floor with clean water. Go over the floor with a clean mop and new water to remove any leftover solution or dirt.


  • Avoid chlorine bleach to clean the grout lines because it creates strong fumes and might discolor the grout.

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