Putting the Skinny in Summer Socials
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Putting the Skinny in Summer Socials

Summer is a perfect time to catch up with friends, lounge around and indulge in cold sweet treats. The days are longer, the work schedules are more relaxed and we tend to feel more spontaneous. But, having fun doesn’t mean we can’t keep our sexy summer bodies intact and stay beautiful. Here are 5 ways to beat the social bulge without too much compromise:

1. Enjoy a Warm Summer Night with Healthy Options

Instead of meeting up with friends at a restaurant for cocktails and a full meal, try sharing light appetizers and start with iced tea in your own backyard. My personal favorites are iced mint tea or green tea with a delicious shrimp cocktail or grilled artichoke. If you sit for at least 20 minutes, you are more likely to feel full and not want to eat a huge meal later. (Note: the reason why people eat more after consuming alcohol is due to the fact that most sweet drinks contain tons of carbs! This causes a quick rise in blood sugar which then releases a large amount of insulin and causes the blood sugar to go into the cells. The resulting insulin makes your blood sugar low which, in turn, stimulates your hunger receptors to help raise back your blood sugar to normal levels.)

2. Mani-Pedi or Spray Tan

Most salons stay open later in the summer. Instead of meeting up with friends for a meal, make an appointment to get your nails done together. Ask for two chairs next to one another so that you can still have time to chat with your girlfriend while getting your treatments. And because it’s the summer and everyone loves to have some color, try to get a spray tan with a friend. It’s a lot healthier than sitting outside in the sun for hours. By treating yourself a little bit, you’ll look and feel great, and with no unnecessary calories or additional snacking involved!

3. An Evening Walk and Picnic

This is one to do with friends, loved ones, pets or by yourself. A beautiful summer evening is a rare treat, so take advantage of it. You won’t even be thinking about all the calories that you are burning. Make your final picnic destination at a park or other calm locale. Here are some suggestions for light treats to pack: sliced fruit (apples, pears) and berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), raw almonds, fresh veggies and dip (cucumber slices, baby carrots, grilled asparagus, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers both green and red, snow peas and celery. Use fat free plain yogurt to mix your dips and try to avoid mayo and sour cream), grilled chicken or slices of fresh turkey meat with low fat cheese and a bit of mustard on a French roll.

4. Go to a Museum or Special Movie Screening

Most cities and towns have free or cheap outdoor summer movie screenings, concerts or plays in the park as well as summer museum events. This is another opportunity for a salad or on the go picnic, rather than a whole big meal at a restaurant.

5. Outdoor Grilling with Friends

Keep everything light as you and your friends grill it up one weekend. Light beer, fish, veggies, turkey burgers, salads, and frozen yogurt for dessert won’t weigh you down in the moment or the next day. Throw in some good music and burn some more calories as you and your friends dance around to some favorite summer tunes.

Go On An Adventure!

Go ahead and enjoy your summer! Bring along some friends and, instead of meeting for a meal, go on an adventure! Any of these options is going to save you an average of 300-700 calories per night. That adds up to quite a few pounds in no time. For more calorie saving meals and quick effective celebrity workout routines from me, visit at www.mydailytrainer.com

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