Jennifer Hudson’s Son has a Musical Ear
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Jennifer Hudson’s Son has a Musical Ear

Jennifer Hudson‘s 6-month old son takes after his mom. Lucky boy!

David Otunga, Hudson’s fiance and the father of her son, tells E! that David Daniel Jr. is already developing his “musical ear.”

“Jennifer will play the piano or sing to him, and he will calm down immediately. We had a guy over once tuning the piano and he was pecking the keys, and David started trying to sing and imitate the notes. It was the most unbelievable thing.” Otunga gushed.

Otunga is training to become a wrestler as a part of World Wrestling Entertainment’s new reality show.

Their little boy is already crawling too! Otunga states that, “Literally, over a span of just a week, he started inching along and now he’s a full-fledged crawler.”

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