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Buy the Warranty!

I always scoffed whenever big electronics stores would ask me if I wanted the extended warranty.  Extended warranty?  You mean profit for you that I will never be able to take advantage of because if I ever have an issue it certainly won’t fit within the guidelines of warranty coverage right?  Yeah that one. Right.

Well, 2 kids later and people let me tell you I am singing the praises of warranty now.  We bought a new sectional for our basement 6 weeks ago, passed along our 11 year old comfy like-someone-were-giving-you-a-hug comfy, couch to someone who needs it and began to enjoy the luxury of lying down fully stretched out (I’m tall).  That is until my son got the stomach flu the night my husband left for Europe for a week.  I spent all Saturday night – I’d like to pause here for a second – I just realized that the last blog I wrote was Saturday evening and I was gloating a bit about how happy I was sitting at my computer drinking wine on a Saturday night.  Gloating Karma gods, I promise never to gloat again if you can save me from going through another Saturday night like that.  Long story short my son was up all night sick.  I changed his bedding 3 times until I ran out of sheets that fit his bed.  He was a little bit better by morning and we were sitting on the couch together (fortunately my daughter was napping) and he started to get squeamish and really pale and all of a sudden, holy geyser! all over 2 cushions of the new sectional, all over me, all over the floor, luckily our dog was quick on his feet and bolted for safer ground. 

Just then my sitter knocked on the door, she had kindly gone to the store for us for some stomach friendly beverages – tells me I’m a hot mess and should really consider retiring the thrown up on look.  With that she turned and ran from our house, I wouldn’t want to be around us either. 

As I looked back at my poor son in nothing but a diaper cuddled up in one of our cozy blankets and our new sectional looking rather dilapidated I had that ‘angels singing in high pitched voices’ ahhhh thing go on in my head.  We bought the warranty!  Woohoo!  It was sold to us as you have kids, this covers stains, rips, yada yada if we can’t get it out by steam cleaning (we being them) we’ll replace it. I couldn’t be happier seeing as this couch has another 10 years and 10 ½ months left in it I’d really rather not have to think about this past weekend every time I sit down. 

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