Fall Weather Got Your Hair in a Frizz? Tame It!
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Fall Weather Got Your Hair in a Frizz? Tame It!

Cold weather got you down? Is your hair not cooperating? Hair expert Marco Pelusi shares his expertise with his to help you solve your hair problems. Here are Marco’s best four tips to tame your crazy fall and winter hair!


Temporarily switch to a moisturizing shampoo to compensate for the
change in season. Generally, it’s a good idea to periodically alter
shampooing products.


Use conditioner after every shampoo and leave the conditioner on
hair a little longer in the shower, especially if it feels dry. Even
just a few extra minutes can make a difference, especially throughout
the fall/winter months.

Leave in

For those with color, chemically treated, frizzy or dry hair, use a
daily leave-in conditioner. Marco™ Color Anti Frizz Leave-In
Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard™ is a groundbreaking, anti-frizz formula that repairs, restores and rebuilds, leaving the hair and
scalp comforted and protected.

Deep Condition

Finally, add deep conditioning treatments into a fall regimen,
either at a salon or at home, at least once a week. At home, apply
leave-in conditioner after exiting the shower, apply a plastic cap and
leave it on for at least 30 minutes.

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