How Often Should You Exercise?
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How Often Should You Exercise?

Scientists and researchers are sending the public mixed messages about exercise. How long should we exercise? How often should we exercise? We just want to know how to best maximize the benefits. 

Originally, researchers reported 20 minutes of interval exercise is just as good for you as hours of regular workouts. Now, CNN reports the results of a new study have been been released. Stephen Ball, an associate professor at the University of Missouri states, "it makes it look bad — like physical activity scientists, we're changing what we're saying all the time. We're really not."

CNN reports the findings of a Harvard Study. Researchers followed 34,000 women. Over a 13-year period, the women gained an average of 5.7 pounds. The women who successfully maintained their weight (13%) exercised an hour a day at moderate intensity. 

Here's the key: "Some is better than none. More is better than some. Too much is difficult to get." Always follow public health guidelines ( 

Exercise experts say, regardless of the studies, stay active. 

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