Always Me and a Special Thank You
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Always Me and a Special Thank You

Hi Friends!  How are you doing today?  Things are going well here.  The Holiday commercials are making my kids (and me!) more and more excited.  I am really looking forward to celebrating US Thanksgiving very soon.  We always did a small celebration for US Thanksgiving in Canada, but it was never the same.  It feels very special this year!

Not that long ago I was given the opportunity to be a part of a team of influential women that tested a new application called the Always Me Period and Ovulation Tracker, in order to help ensure that they were bringing forward an exciting tool for women.  Cool, right?!  It was funny because right before I received the app to try I was telling my husband I always forget to mark that time of the month on the calendar, and it ends up being a surprise when Mother Nature calls.  Now I love surprises, but that is one surprise I don’t like.  The Always Me app has really helped.

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For some reason it is much easier for me to remember to mark it down when I have the app on my phone.   There is usually some time during the week that I am waiting for one reason or another and have my phone on me, so I find it is a great tool to have.

I also love that you can track your mood, flow, cramps, weight and more with the app.  It helps when I feel like I am going crazy that time of the month to go back and see the days in the previous month I also felt the same way, to remind myself that it is not my circumstances that are truly driving me nuts, it is the time of month.  Then I feel a little saner.  I highly recommend tracking your mood for those reasons.

Although I am not trying for more children at this point, being able to track your ovulation is a wonderful added touch this app has to offer.  Back when I was trying to get pregnant I know I would have loved this function. The app also includes a personalized, expert question and answer, and reminder notifications for anticipated arrival of period or ovulation.

Here is the best part…  the app is FREE!!!  That means you have nothing to lose trying it out!  Don’t you love a free gift?! 😉  I know I do, and this one doesn’t add any clutter to my home and actually helps me.  The Always Me app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Here is where you can get your Always Me Period and Ovulation Tracker:

Pass this on to the women in your life.  I think they will love it!

Also, I wanted to include a special thank you to Astrid for the sweet relax package she sent me.  Her cookies were amazing, and I have her painting in my office.  It is a wonderful reminder for me.  She is a talented baker and artist.  You can see more of her lovely work on her site. 

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Thank you Astrid!

Lastly, my new friend Stanley that I met at a blogger meet-up in Vancouver created his first eBook titled Corporate Scam Literacy Manifesto, which you can find at

Have a lovely day, friends!
Wendy Irene

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