When You Have Two Kids, Do You Have to Buy Two of Everything?
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When You Have Two Kids, Do You Have to Buy Two of Everything?

I am a mom of two boys.

‘Nuff said.

Seriously, if you have two boys (or three or four), you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The constant fighting, arguing, name calling – make it stop!

Every day it’s a new battle.  I live in a never-ending battle zone.  I may as well slap on some war paint and camouflage clothes.

My boys fight too much.  What do they even fight about?  

Mostly toys and video games. Yep… It never fails, my seven-year-old will insist on being Mario but my five-year-old doesn’t want to be Luigi.

Oh come on! 

They’ll also argue about the same toy.  This has been going on since the little one learned how to really exercise his lungs.

Buy two of each you say? I have refused to buy two of everything.  They have to learn to take turns and share, right?  Of course there are those moments I had only wished I caved in and bought a second toy so that I would have avoided the big headache.

The problem is, they are not just pleased with one of each.  Noooo!  My five-year-old will want both!  So how many Batman figurines am I supposed to buy? A dozen?  So they can have six each?

When one has a toy the other one wants, it’s like the devil has entered their body and possessed them.  Their eyes roll back, their faces get all contorted, they yell out these moans and groans that I didn’t know was even possible to come out of their tiny little bodies.

The only thing I find that works with teaching them to share a toy is by setting the timer on the stove to give them turns. 

That or threaten to throw the Wii out the window.

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