New Study Reveals Men are Bigger Liars
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New Study Reveals Men are Bigger Liars

According to CNN, a new British study by the Science Museum of London finds that men lie more than women, and they feel less guilty about it. Comforting, right?About 3,000 Britons ages 18 and older took the survey.

The study found that a man tells an average three lies daily (roughly 1,092 a year!). Women, on the other hand, lie twice a day, which adds up to 728 a year. 

Who are all these lies directed at? Sadly, the most lies are towards the woman who loved us and raised us: Mom. Twenty-five percent of men admitted lying to their mother, and twenty percent of women admitted the same. 

Curious to know what the most common lies are? Here are the top 10 for men and women, as reported by CNN. 


Top men's lies

1. I didn't have much to drink 

2. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine 

3. I had no signal 

4. It wasn't that expensive 

5. I'm on my way 

6. I'm stuck in traffic 

7. Your bum doesn't look big in that

8. Sorry, I missed your call

9. You've lost weight

10. It's just what I've always wanted


Top women's lies

1. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine 

2. I don't know where it is 

3. It wasn't that expensive 

4. I didn't have much to drink 

5. I've got a headache 

6. It was in the sale 

7. I'm on my way 

8. Oh, I've had this ages 

9. No, I didn't throw it away

10. It's just what I've always wanted

What do you think? What is your most used lie? I'm a woman, and I definitely overuse lie #1.

And if you were wondering, yes honey, I'M FINE!!!

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