Engaged Women Less Happy?
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Engaged Women Less Happy?

We tend to think that women would be super excited to get engaged, but a recent study says that's just not true. According to Facebook, that is.

The two research scientists who headed the project, Cameron Marlow and D.J. Patil, tracked trends on Facebook, whose 400 million users were the unknowing subjects. According to Marlow and Patil, becoming engaged makes women less happy than they were before getting engaged. To come to this conclusion, they studied what Facebook calls the "Gross National Happiness Index," an application "that measures the positive and negative sentiments expressed in status posts."

"Maybe this is the effect of having to plan a wedding," Marlow told the San Francisco Chronicle. "While the process of being engaged is stressful for women, once you're married, then in general, you're less negative than you were before. But if you're a man, then something else changes, it increases the negativity. These fit the gender stereotypes so perfectly that it's almost uncanny."
What do you think, Modern Moms? We are a little skeptical…
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