The Crossover SUV: One Step Removed From Minivan
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The Crossover SUV: One Step Removed From Minivan

I’m kind of depressed about the fact that I now use the term “crossover SUV” in conversation.  I am a practical person = Practically Speaking. I also try, on those days when I don’t have a kid attached to my leg, to pretend that I could pass as a cool non-mom person – whatever that may be.

I know, I really just need to get over myself and meld my two lives/personalities together.  But my last tie to my ‘cool’ life was my car – its pretty awesome.  However, with the introduction of baby #3 I’ve started to realize the impracticality of cramming three car seats into one row of seating.

My son has been a sweetheart and hasn’t complained once that his booster seat sits on an angle and is not flush to the seat.  He has only complained a few times that he needs me to get Wesley’s infant carrier out of the car before he can unbuckle his own seat belt.  I also had to decline a play date because I can’t fit another child in our car.  So I finally bit the bullet and started looking into cars with a third row.  The Crossover SUVs.

And while I know we need one, I’m struggling with what – to me – is one slippery step away from *gasp* a “minivan.”

All of this kind of sounds like a commercial for a new car.  If you’d like to pay me, oh car company with a third row seat, I’m taking bids.  But seriously, how did I never realize that cars came with third rows?  And why am I only realizing the practicality of this now?

All you parents out there that plan on having more than one child, don’t forget to consider driving your kids friends around too because once they hit four or five they don’t need their parents anymore.  No one told me this.  And so, like our stroller issue (we’ve gone through every stroller in the universe) we didn’t plan ahead and now we’re scrambling to make things fit.

I keep telling my husband that by us having a third (and final) baby we’re really saving money because we’re getting more longevity out of the gear that we already have.  And I can now see why he rolls his eyes at me when I say ludicrous things like that.  Kids are expensive, heck, they’re expensive just to transport around, forget feeding and clothing them.

So I tell you these things to try and help you save more money than I’ve saved us.  But you’re probably smarter than I am and already had this figured out, which is why I’ve seen you around town in your Volvo X90, GMC Acadia, Dodge Durango, Buick Enclave etc etc…

We haven’t bought one yet, so if you have any advice, I’m open to feedback.

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