Reuse: Greetings Cards
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Reuse: Greetings Cards

As a family of 4 we create more waste than I’d like to admit.  It is important for us to reduce waste as often as we can and set a good example for our children.  Scaling back on how much we buy is not only good for our wallet; it is good for the environment.

Although we have easy access to email, and a great variety of e-cards, there is still something truly special about receiving a card in the mail.  Something you can touch, hold onto, and display.  Kids love receiving mail too!  For that reason when I am feeling crafty I reuse cherished greeting cards.

Many times we hold onto cards we receive because they are so special to us.  They sit in a box, collect dust, and are not enjoyed very often.  In an effort to live more simply my family has significantly cut down on the number of cards we keep.  We still save some in a memory box but no longer keep all the cards we receive from loved ones.  Instead we reuse them, and let their beauty and special sayings bring joy to others, all while being a little more kind to the environment.

Often we will reuse cards with beautiful patterns and lovely sentiments, giving them new life by turning them into new cards with a personal home-made touch.  Simply cut and glue or tape.  It is really very easy and something kids can help do.

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blog post photo

With the holidays coming considered reusing some of the gorgeous cards you receive and further pass along the joy.  This is probably not a good last minute project when you are swept away in the holiday rush, but with a little planning you may be able to make last year’s cards into beautiful new cards for this year.  Give the environment a kiss when you do, after all we are only borrowing our planet from future generations.

Reusing holiday cards is one of my favorite things to do.  They are incredibly beautiful and I hate throwing them out, so stay tuned for more ideas on how to give greeting cards a new life.

Do you have any ideas for reusing cards?  I’d love to hear your fabulous thoughts!

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