Valentine’s Day Photo Frame Crafts
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Valentine’s Day Photo Frame Crafts

Spice up any existing picture frame with a combination of paint, fabric or memorabilia from your favorite events together. Prepare any existing or store-bought frame with two to three coats of acrylic primer before you begin. The primer covers any existing color or finish. Your chosen paint colors and decorations will adhere better. Remember to include a recent photo in the frame for a personal touch.


Candy hearts add a sweet feel to your frame.

Show your favorite Valentine you’re sweet on him when you make him a candy heart frame. Kids and adults can make this frame. Glue candy hearts with words on them onto a picture frame. Get creative and use only one or two colors, or make sentences and phrases with the words. Cover the final product with an acrylic gloss medium to preserve the frame.


Rely on family inspiration for your Valentine’s photo frame.

Celebrate your life as a family with your Valentine’s Day picture frame craft. Copy and clip faces of your family from copies of photos and glue them onto small pieces of cardboard. Cut hearts out of craft foam using different colors. Fold the heart and cut out the center, making miniature heart frames to glue onto the faces. Add the heart faces to the frame. Take a brand new family photo and surprise the gift recipient.


A romantic photo of you and your love completes the romantic frame.

Relive your favorite moments together by incorporating bits and pieces of the past onto the picture frame. Cut up maps or brochures from vacations. Make copies of hand-written letters or notes. Tear the papers and some glittery tissue paper into small pieces. Layer the pieces of paper, alternating the types of paper. Use thin layers of glue between layers. Add an image of your favorite romantic moment together. Write a short note about why you chose that photo and attach it to the back of the frame.


Frame your face at the best angle for the photo.

Vamp up a picture frame for your loved one’s bedside table. Brush black paint onto the frame, and let it dry. Use letter or word stamps to send him a sexy message. Consider these words: “touch,” “soft,” “lips,” “kiss” and “love.” For a fun twist, glue a mask or some feathers to the corner of the frame. Insert a sultry — yet tasteful — photo you took for his eyes only.

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