Help Your Baby Walk!
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Help Your Baby Walk!

Baby walking development toys help babies use and develop the key muscles they need to walk; these toys are also designed so babies learn how to balance and position their bodies to walk at different speeds. Toys that require pushing and pulling while standing effectively encourage babies to use their basic motor skills, since these toys provide some support as babies begin to stand and take those first few steps.

Baby Walkers

Baby walkers are essential tools for helping babies sit and stand up straight as they practice using their legs to move. Many baby walkers are equipped with trays and toys that will keep your baby busy as she moves around the house. Allowing babies to walk without shoes in the walker develops the important muscles in their ankles and improves flexibility in the soles of their feet.

Caterpillar or Duck Pull Toys

These toys encourage babies to balance, squat and walk with ease, since babies must move ahead of them. These lightweight toys encourage your child to crawl and move ahead or take a few steps as the toy follows. Any pull toys that also make noises (such as quacking or squeaking) can teach your baby to recognize and respond to new sounds. The classic Radio Flyer wagon is another popular choice for babies and toddlers at all stages of development.

Lawnmowers and Other Push Toys

Push toys such as lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners and shopping carts make excellent toys for teaching babies how to walk because they encourage babies to get up and lean on the toy for support as they move. It doesn’t take long for babies to learn how to stand up and use these toys, and the process helps them learn important walking and maneuvering skills so they can walk on their own.

Ride-on Toys

Imitation vehicles that require babies to use their feet to move around are also valuable for strengthening key muscles in their lower bodies. These toys encourage babies to use their legs and feet to move and navigate around the home, and some are equipped with other toys and puzzles for extra stimulation.

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