How to Save Money Shopping for Organic Food
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How to Save Money Shopping for Organic Food

Organic food gives many parents peace of mind, allowing them to keep pesticides and extra chemicals from the family diet. That sense of security comes with a high price tag in many cases. A limited grocery budget makes it difficult to go completely organic with your food supply, but there are ways to cut costs and still eat organic. Smart shopping and preparation for the grocery shopping trip pays off, whether you have a large or small family.

Step 1

Build your weekly meal plan around the organic food that is on sale that week. Browse the grocery store advertisement before heading to the store so you know which items are most affordable.

Step 2

Visit websites of organic food companies to find printable coupons. Send the company a message requesting coupons if you don’t find any links. The companies might send you coupons for your loyalty or interest in the brand.

Step 3

Purchase generic or store-brand versions of organic foods. Organic food in general is growing in popularity so you are likely to find at least a few generic options, especially in a larger grocery store.

Step 4

Visit different stores to determine who offers the lowest prices on organic products. Keep a notebook of prices for each store’s organic products so you can keep track of who has the lowest prices on specific organic items.

Step 5

Buy organic products from local farmers through a farmers’ market. Join a local food co-op for additional savings potential on organic food.

Step 6

Spend the majority of your organic food budget on whole food ingredients rather than processed, premade foods. Look for a bulk food aisle for better pricing of whole grains and other organic foods.

Step 7

Balance cost with the preference for organic food. Some organic foods are expensive and might not be in the budget. Shop mostly organic, but don’t worry if you can’t completely switch to an organic diet due to budgetary constraints.

Step 8

Purchase organic produce that is in season for the most affordable prices. Grow your own organic garden at home to reduce the amount of produce you need to buy at the store.

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