Christy Turlington Burns: Motherhood Motivates Her Charity Work
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Christy Turlington Burns: Motherhood Motivates Her Charity Work

Former supermodel Christy Turlington Burns says she prefers charity work over strutting down the catwalk.

“Gosh, I hated walking down a runway in heels,” she admits to People.

On October 7, the 41-year-old yoga enthusiast received a United Nations award for her humanitarian work on behalf of women’s health.

Christy suffered postpartum hemorrhage complications giving birth to her daughter Grace, now 7-years-old. Soon after, she started the foundation ‘Every Mother Counts’ to raise awareness and funding for international maternal health initiatives.

She’s even passing on her charitable philosophies to her two kids, Grace and Finn, 4.

“[Grace] is starting to understand we have rights in our country that allow us to reach out to members of Congress. She’s like, ‘Wow, that’s incredible. Like, I have that?’”

Christy credits motherhood as one of her inspirations to do charity work, saying motherhood is “an incredible responsibility but one that makes you want to be the best person you can be.”

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