Doting Daddy Mario Lopez Predicted His Baby’s Sex!
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Doting Daddy Mario Lopez Predicted His Baby’s Sex!

Mario Lopez’s beauty sleep requirement is not being met these days, but being a dad is SO worth it! The new papa and “Extra” host doesn’t quite have the energy of his pre-fatherhood years, but he’s still managing to keep his gym regimen up…kinda.

“I’m definitely still working out, but I do less intense workouts because I’m not getting as much sleep now,” Lopez told People magazine during an appearance at Manor Nightclub in Chicago. “So the fitness [regimen] is still intact, but lately I just haven’t been able to go at it as hard as I used to.”

It’s a good thing he loves his baby girl Gia, born September 11th, more than life itself — even more than his famous six pack abs! “I love [being a dad] more than anything,” he says. “I absolutely can’t wait to get home to see her — she’s so amazing. The whole experience is so amazing.”

Lopez is a new father though, and surprise is the name of the game at his house right now. “The biggest surprise about becoming a father was watching her being born because I didn’t know if she was going to be girl or a boy,” Lopez, 37, admits.

He correctly suspected that the baby would be a girl, however, just from the way girlfriend Courney Mazza was carrying. Now that Gia has joined the couple in the outside world, Lopez is fired up about changing diapers and doing all the hands-on work of a new parent, he gushed.

And he still holds his perfect boyfriend award! “I think it’s definitely important to still do date night and keep the romance there,” he says. “We are making an effort in that department.”

The couple will be letting America invade their home in a new VH1 reality show premiering on November 1. “Oh yeah, you’ll see it all,” reports Lopez. “We did everything at once: new baby, new house, new puppy — lots of changes going on.”

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