Pink “Terrified” Of Having A Girl
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Pink “Terrified” Of Having A Girl

On Ryan Seacrest's morning show last week, singer and mom-to-be Pink revealed why she not only prefers a boy, but why she is "terrified" of having a girl.

“I feel like I ‘get’ boys,” Pink, 31, explained. “I’ve always been a boy’s girl. Boys are easy, they just break stuff.”

Pink also revealed that she knew she would be having kids with motocross racer Carey Hart within weeks of meeting him! “Two weeks after I met him I knew it,” she said. And Carey felt the same.

“We were at Macaroni Grill — we were going super romantic — and he was like, ‘So, you wanna have kids?’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m 22,’” she says.

But, after nine years together, they're finally gearing up for a baby — just hope it's a boy!

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