Jenna Elfman’s “Rewarding” Breastfeeding Experience
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Jenna Elfman’s “Rewarding” Breastfeeding Experience

When actress Jenna Elfman gave birth to son Story Elias three years ago, she was surprised when the whole breastfeeding thing didn't come to her naturally.

“I had zero education about breastfeeding,” she admits in an interview with Best for Babes. “I thought you put the baby on the breast and they sucked and that was it.”

So Elfman turned to the breast pump. Because Story had problems latching, she pumped "in the backs of cars, on the way to the set, on the freeway"…she used every spare moment so Story would not go hungry!

After more than 10 months pumping, the 39-year-old actress had amassed an overstock of breastmilk and began freezing what she wasn't using. In doing all of this, Elfman never knew she'd be helping out someone else's bundle of joy in addition to her own.

She soon found out that a family member of a friend had given birth to a methamphetamine-addicted baby who couldn't keep formula down. Elfman offered her own frozen breastmilk to try, and it worked!

“Once a week my friend would come over and get a supply. The second the baby started on breastmilk, he could hold it down. All of the rash symptoms on his body started going away,” she explains. “I literally kept him alive for several months.”

Because of the whole ordeal, Elfman, who is also mom to Easton Quinn Monroe, 8 months, says she holds a special place for the little guy in her heart. "In my heart I feel connected to him, like he’s my little angel friend," she added.

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