Courteney Cox’s Daughter is on Santa’s Nice List!
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Courteney Cox’s Daughter is on Santa’s Nice List!

What's the scariest thing on a child's Christmas list for a parent? A new pet!

Just ask Courteney Cox, whose daughter Coco Riley, 6, asked for just that this Christmas. "She wants a puppy!" Cox, 46, tells People with a laugh. "Which is unfortunate because we have two dogs."

But Cox seems like she's already folded–sounds like she'll be living in a three-dog home come 2011!

"All I said was, ‘No Chihuahuas!’' explained Cox while attending the OmniPeace by Jordan Klein launch at Kitson on Friday. "[And Coco replied,] ‘No, they’re just crazy!’"

At least mom and daughter are on the same page about one thing!

Hopefully the precious new addition will be a needed distraction from her public separation from husband David Arquette. Because of all of this, Cox will probably try to stay as laid-back as possible this holiday season. “I don’t have any big plans,” she admits. “Just hanging with the family.”

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