Charlie Sheen: A Macho Preoccupation
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Charlie Sheen: A Macho Preoccupation

“Winning?”… I’m losing my husband to Charlie Sheen. Why is this Charlie Sheen craze such a macho preoccupation? My normally pragmatic, business-minded husband, Brian has become obsessed with TMZ and all things Charlie Sheen. Brian follows the updates online. He checks the news about Sober Valley Lodge as if contemplating a weekend reservation. I’m always up for a weekend getaway and Sherman Oaks isn’t too far. However, I don’t think the Lodge will be a family friendly destination.

Instead of watching ESPN, Brian turns on the TV to see Charlie’s latest interview. I find myself stomping out of the room disgusted by this fascination. It’s enough to make me miss football season. Has he joined the Charlie Sheen fantasy league? I’m sure the goddesses are a draw. Still, the machete raises some concerns.

Brian and 2 million other people follow Charlie’s tweets, “I bleed tiger blood,” Adonis DNA.” Am I wrong to assume that 90 percent of Charlie’s followers are male? More importantly, when will women start a backlash? I’d like women and mothers to begin quoting Brooke Mueller, “I’m filing a restraining order.” She’s the only one who seems to make any sense to me.

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