Ellen Pompeo Blessed to “Have it All”
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Ellen Pompeo Blessed to “Have it All”

Ellen Pompeo has it all – loving husband Chris Ivery and  adorable 17-month old  Stella – but her “all” may be different than yours.

“I don’t believe the definition of having it all means the same thing to everyone. Just because someone chooses not to have children, doesn’t mean they don’t have it all,” the "Grey’s Anatomy" actress tells lilSugar.

“Just because a woman decides to be a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it all. ‘Having it all’ to me means being fulfilled and that should be determined by the individual, not society.”

Ellen, by the way, is the first to admit she is blessed to have some extra hands on deck.

“I would seem a little out of touch if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that I have a great job and am very lucky to be able to afford a little help,” she says.

Even with all the help in the world, raising a child (or two, or more!) is still the hardest job there is. One of Ellen’s tips for being on top of it all? Food prep.

“A couple of days a week I set aside time to prep food,” she says. “Veggies, brown rice…so making meals takes less time and there are always things in the fridge ready to work with.”

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