Maya Rudolph Loves Her “Girl-Oriented Household”
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Maya Rudolph Loves Her “Girl-Oriented Household”

With two daughters already in the mix, Maya Rudolph isn’t fretting over the sex of her next baby on the way.

“I have an equal opportunity womb!” the actress, 38, tells People. “‘Womb for all’ is the sign that I hang on my belly. I don’t make preferences, so whatever is coming my way is cool.”

Maya previously chose to be surprised at delivery, and she assures that her latest addition will be welcome, boy or girl. Even if the new baby does tilt the balance of her girl-friendly household.

“I feel very lucky just to have the opportunity to be completely outnumbered,” Maya says. “Right now we have a very girl-oriented household, and it’s awesome. But the idea of adding another one is lovely, and the idea of somebody new to the family is really cool and exciting as well. As a parent, I’ll take what I can get.”

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