Love the Earth Because The Earth Loves You!
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Love the Earth Because The Earth Loves You!

Tending to the earth. Connecting with the earth. These are sources of joy and love. Our planet can better support and love us if we love it back.

When we cause the earth to suffer, that negative energy comes back to us. You get back what you give, and that includes how we treat the planet.

Did you know that both the earth and our entire bodies are made from stars? That is a powerful connection. One to be nurtured and grateful for.

What do you love about the earth? What delights you about our planet? Is it the oceans, the waterfalls, moonlight, or the glorious array of colors?

Give our planet the love it deserves and that love will return in abundance. We are all connected to the earth, our home. Let’s treat it with love and care. Let’s be kind and appreciate its beauty.

Let us care for the earth so that it may care for us in return.

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