The Ornament & Breakfast Tradition
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The Ornament & Breakfast Tradition

When my son was born I started a tradition of giving my kids a new ornament every Christmas. When my husband and I started out I remember how few ornaments we had. Looking back I think it is actually fun slowly collecting them over the years, which is why every year we are going to get a slightly larger tree! Just kidding 🙂 Because I love ornaments so much I thought it would be nice for my kids to each have a collection of ornaments from their childhood to start out with. Whether or not they will actually want or use them when they are adults, well only time will tell, but what I am certain of is that the love and tradition will be remembered and that is what really counts!

For a long time now I have enjoyed seeing Melanie, the artist behind Whimsical Creations work. I especially love seeing the sneak previews of what she is making on the Whimsical Creation Facebook page. Melanie makes wonderful creations out of clay and her work inspired me to try making a homemade clay ornament for my son this year.

Here you have it:



My first homemade ornament (as an adult)! I am sure I made a few lovelies as a child 😉 I am going to write his name and the year on the back.

Although I have lots of practice playing with play dough, clay is not the same and I learned a few things:
1- It starts out really hard and for me it was cracking a lot so you really have to work with it to get it going.
2- If even the tiniest speck of different color clay gets on the piece you are working with then it shows up. Next time I will be more careful of the work surface and the tools carrying specks of different color clay
3- Also, finger prints show up too.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I’d say it was a success for my first time. The best part about it is, it is made with love! Thank you Melanie for inspiring me. You are an amazing artist!

Here is another tradition in our family.



Christmas morning yumminess! This comes from my childhood 🙂 Being one of 4 my Mom usually spent all night Christmas Eve wrapping presents because she had no other time to do it. I can only imagine- NO online ordering! Thank you to my Mom and all the other Moms out there that somehow managed it all without that. I honestly don’t know how you did it.

Anyway, this was a special treat we looked forward to and luckily it almost makes itself. We only get it on special occasions because as you can imagine it is not the healthiest option, but my kids now really look forward to it. Another added bonus is you can buy these puppies ahead of time and with all the last minute groceries you need to get for the big family meal that is a blessing. My son can barely contain himself with excitement about eating these. The wait, oh the wait…that is all part of it 😉

On a side note my son just realized for the first time that we keep Christmas cookies in the freezer. Now he is sneaking them. He told me he was just eating some grapes but the crumb hanging off his lip and the cookie breath gave it away. What’s a Mom to do?

Do you have a traditional holiday breakfast from your childhood?


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