Merry Christmas 2010!
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Merry Christmas 2010!

What a wonderful Holiday season it has been! Here is a reflection of some of our special moments.

We found our perfect Christmas tree.

And had ourselves a little adventure on the way!


We decorated.

And re-decorated.

We baked.

And baked.

And baked some more.

Here is an action shot of me in my normal everyday wear.



No makeup and sweats. Us Moms really know how to rock those out! I like to call this look simple and efficient. Hey, at least I pulled my hair back! :0)



This year we even made a few crafts.

A coffee filter wreath.

A special ornament.


And many other kid paper creations.



I menu planned ahead of time. Do I get any applause for that one?

I even put together a book of recipes I plan to make for our special holiday meals because I am a (dork!) organized. I think this one saved me about one ounce of Holiday stress 😉

We even took a boat ride to the North Pole!

And the kids made the GOOD list! Phew! The look of amazement that Big Brother had on his face when Santa read his name off the good list was something we will never forget. He was worried about that one with all the cookies he has been sneaking out of the freezer in the wee early hours of the morning. Only to be found out by the big piles of crumbs that were somehow appearing in his bed.

He even asked how it is that he managed to get on that list when he fessed up about the cookies. Of course as parents we had to come up with an on the spot explanation about how Santa believes in him, and that he is still a good kid even though he sometimes makes less than stellar choices.

Of all the moments this Holiday season my absolute favorite Christmas activity has been without a doubt cuddling on the couch with my family by the fire, enjoying our beautiful tree, and watching a Christmas movie together.


Christmas date night with my Hubby was pretty awesome too!

In a flash Christmas is already upon us. We have Grandparents and a Great Grandparent here to celebrate with us so it is time to bid you ado and go make Merry!

I hope you have a truly magical Christmas Eve, and a very Merry Christmas! Words cannot fully express how grateful I am to have you here. Thank you for making this journey an amazing one with your friendship and support!

Happy Holidays!

With Love ?,
Wendy Irene


































































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