How to Use a Digital Thermometer on a Toddler
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How to Use a Digital Thermometer on a Toddler

Taking your toddler’s temperature can help you assess how sick he really is, but getting an accurate temperature on a sick toddler can be a challenging task. Chances are, when your toddler is sick he is going to resist poking and prodding. Trying to hold the thermometer in place while your toddler is wiggling about and crying is no fun. Fortunately, mercury thermometers have been replaced with digital thermometers that allow you to take even the squirmiest toddler’s temperature quickly and safely.

Step 1

Take your toddler’s shirt off. Having your child naked from the waist up will give you easy access to her armpit.

Step 2

Sit your toddler in your lap. Sitting cross-legged on the floor and having your child sit in your lap will allow you to wrap your legs gently around his to keep him still should you need to.

Step 3

Lift your toddler’s arm up. Place the thermometer in his armpit. Be sure the tip of the thermometer is in complete contact with the skin. Lower her arm and hold it against her side to keep the thermometer in place until it beeps to signal the reading is complete.

Step 4

Read the digital thermometer display. If the reading is 102 degrees F or higher, contact your child’s health care provider.

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