Heidi Klum Learns the Hair Care Needs of Her Kids!
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Heidi Klum Learns the Hair Care Needs of Her Kids!

Heidi Klum is navigating a new world- of hair care, that is. In a recent essay she penned for the Huffington Post, Heidi reveals that it isn’t an easy task taking care of four kids’ tresses. “Growing up with straight hair myself, that was all I really knew how to work with,” the actress, model and host says. 

Henry, Johan and Lou- her three youngest- have very curly hair. Heidi’s oldest Leni, has similar locks to her own. She’s learned to use lots of conditioner and detangler to maintain her little ones’ frizzy (but beautiful!) curls. 

?Heidi is also committed to letting her kids show off their personalities. She was a little heartbroken when her boys wanted to snip their long hair, but she “want[s] them to be who they want to be.” She even asked Lamar Odom, who did a “cool star-design buzz,” for his stylist’s information. Lamar’s stylist gave the kids a great cut for summer. “COOL, in both senses of the word!” she wrote.

Do you let your kids decide how to cut and style their own hair?


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