Ali Landry Gets Ready For Second Child
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Ali Landry Gets Ready For Second Child

Former Miss USA Ali Landry is in full nesting mode! The actress and model says she and her husband, Alejandro Monteverde, are getting ready for the birth of their second child with a major cleaning spree. And she just might have a little more time on her hands, since their daughter Estela, 4, is on vacation Lousiana with her grandmother.  

“I have to threaten her to talk to her. I have to say, ‘I’m going to come and get you if you don’t talk to me on the phone!’” Landry told PEOPLE Magazine.

When Landry asked her daughter if she was ready to be picked up, Estela responded, ‘Not yet… It’s a little late tonight. I need to go to sleep.”

Though she misses her daughter, Ali has plenty of time on her hands to make sure her house is all prepped for the baby come her October due date.

“I am in major nesting mode right now in this pregnancy. I have touched every single corner, every single drawer in my house,” she told reporters at the Lia Sophia Social Fashion event. “It just feels so good to get your house organized and clean, especially with the phase that I’m in now.”

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