Your Imagination – Is it Still at Work?
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Your Imagination – Is it Still at Work?

Do you still use your imagination?  How often do you take a moment to imagine?

When you look up at the sky and see the clouds, do you still imagine what each one could be?  Do you give yourself time to let your thoughts soar?

Imagination is something I like to encourage with my kids.  Seeing their thoughts bounce from place to place is just as much fun for me as I think it is for them.  Often they take me places I never expected.  One of our favorite imaginary activities is cooking.  We love to pretend cook together.  Some of the combinations of food are quite amusing.

Recent imaginary concoctions include lobsters and espresso, and chocolate chip cookie pasta.  I always pretend to eat it but I don’t always pretend it tastes good 😉  I love to take these moments and imagine along with my children, and throw in some of my own creations as well.

These are the moments that bring me happiness, especially when I’m not too pre-occupied to let them in.  Where ever I go I basically have constant entertainment that follows me around like 2 little ducklings.  I see myself in their actions and from there I get guidance for which direction I want to go.

This is a great gift seeing as how I am very directionally challenged 😉

I hope this week your imagination leads you in a fun direction!

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Do you remember wearing your parents’ cloths?


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