One Small Step and a Side of Hummus
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One Small Step and a Side of Hummus

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Today I experienced a step in the right direction.  The right direction simply meaning no more than what feels right to me inside at that moment.  I made my daughter a very simple snack of plain toasted whole wheat bread and homemade hummus.  A very simple concoction I threw together in the food processer and my husband perfected for me.  (See recipe below)

Little Sister made a HUGE mess.  She had hummus everywhere, except her bib was pretty clean.  Hummus in her shorts, hummus on her shirt, hummus surrounding her highchair and floor, and a lot of hummus on her face and in her hair!  Did I mention her hands?

I looked over at her, and the gigantic mess that she was covered in, and my very first thought was… She looks so cute!  I could not believe it! 😎  It is a million degrees in our house today, and the kids woke up especially early with the sun and heat, and that was my very first thought in regards to yet another mess.

It felt really good.  Normally my thoughts would be more along the lines of…Not another mess!  I don’t feel like cleaning her up, AGAIN!  A food mess occurs every couple of hours throughout the day with young children, so it can tend to wear you down.

Thinking she looked adorable a big, grinning, sloppy mess felt so good it allowed me to stay in the present at that moment.  I didn’t even grab the camera that time as I would normally do.  I looked at her with an endless amount of love and thought I am so glad I’ve come a little bit further in my journey that  I was able to enjoy this moment knowing my time with my little girl is short lived, and how lucky I am to have this time with her!

In the moment I felt- What’s the point of letting it get to me?  Followed by a little imaginary pat on my hot, sweaty, tired back.  Life’s short, so celebrate the victories is what I think!

I know I won’t feel this way with every mess that comes around, but every one that happens like this feels like one small step in the direction I want to be headed.


I hope your weekend is filled with many wonderful moments!

Homemade Hummus

1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 clove of garlic finely chopped
Juice of 1 lemon
Pinch of Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a food processor combine chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil. 
Blend until completely pureed. 
Slowly pour in a little more olive oil until the creamy consistency desired.

Do you celebrate the little victories in life?  Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Today I was very fortunate to be featured on a wonderful website The MakeShift Revolution.  The purpose of the MakeShift revolution is to help construct a more balanced model of motherhood.  I would love for you to check it out!

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