Natural Peanut Butter — I know it’s better, but…
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Natural Peanut Butter — I know it’s better, but…

(Thursday is “Soul” day, where I try to tackle ways to lift the spirit and reduce the stress.)

Finally, a new year’s resolution I can stick with — I’ve decided to give up natural peanut butter. After years of wrestling with those dried out chunks (“butter”? I think not) for too long at 6am, I realized enough slices of bread have given their lives, torn apart by the unspreadable goop. And all that time spent delicately placing itty bitty pieces on the bread, hoping they’ll morph into something resembling a spread by lunchtime. No more! It’s back to garden-variety peanut butter for us. Yes, I’m trying to go natural and be healthy but there are probably 20 other ways I could go “natural” before I have to circle back to peanut butter. I feel butter already, er, I mean better.

Maybe on “Soul” day I should reach a little deeper, but having just wrestled a sandwich to submission, that’s all I’ve got.

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