7th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
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7th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Girls around the age of 7 are growing aware of their increasing departure from the immaturity of their youth. They no longer want birthday parties with “baby” or “little kid” themes. Still, they love to play, explore and create. For a 7-year-old girl’s birthday, host a jewelry party. Allow the girls to be the young women they long to be while still acting like the young girls they are.


If you and your girl enjoying crafting paper creations, you might try your hand at some handmade invitations. You can trace a silhouette of a head and shoulders or a hand onto a folded piece of paper, with the top of the head or side of the hand on the fold. Cut out the silhouette, keeping the fold so you have a card in either shape. Include the party information inside the card. Decorate the outside of the card with jewel stickers from a craft store. Create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with stickers and pens.


The girls can participate in jewelry games or crafts while at the party. You can adjust traditional birthday games to match a jewelry theme. Have girls grab necklaces around a table, rather than sit in a seat, in a musical chairs game. Let them stick a necklace around the neck of a bust you have drawn on paper, rather than sticking a tail to a donkey. Offer them a selection of beads and wire to create their own jewelry.


Invite the girls to come to the party in their favorite dress-up outfit. Let them wear play dress-up clothes, rather than actual formal dresses. This will save them money and wear on fancy dresses. Otherwise, you can have a trunkful of dress-up clothes ready as the girls arrive. Let them pick out dresses, hats, gloves and other fancy clothes while you wait for everyone to arrive.


String together grapes, berries and melon balls and serve them as fruit necklaces. You can do the same with small meatballs, balls of cheese, tomatoes, olives and rounds of zucchini, squash or cucumbers. You can make a sheet cake with white icing. Mix a few dollops of icing with coloring to create rich colors.Use a large icing tip to create dots to look like gems around the cake. Make lines of dots to look like necklaces or bracelets.


Purchase small jewelry gift boxes from your local craft store. Before the girls arrive, string together a simple bracelet for each with colorful beads. When they arrive, ask each girl to choose a charm to represent herself. Pass the bracelets around, and let each girl add her charm. Finish the bracelets with clasps for the girls and place them in the gift boxes.

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