Birthday Craft Ideas for a Kids’ Party
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Birthday Craft Ideas for a Kids’ Party

Birthday parties mean fun, food and presents. Many birthday parties also feature group games. A craft activity, however, can be even more fun than a game, because everyone gets to participate and there is not just one winner. Instead, all participants get to take home the item or items they created. Craft activities are a great way to fill the time, and they can also enhance the theme of the party.

Age Appropriate

Plan for crafts that are appropriate for the ages of your guests. Small children should not do crafts that involve small parts. Consider the skill levels of the guests as well. Any crafts that are overly complex might be too difficult for the children, or take too long to complete.

Girls or Boys

Consider crafts based on the interests of the guests and the theme of the party. Girls, for example, might enjoy making foam “crowns” at a princess party. Boys might love creating their own “pirate flags” at a pirate-themed party. If there are both boys and girls at the party, choose crafts that will appeal equally to both genders.


Craft materials can be expensive. Think about the size of your group before you choose the craft. An elaborate craft is best done in a small group. If you are expecting a large group of children, choose a simple craft. Consider the space needed as well. Some crafts require a lot of table space, while others can be done outside on a patio.


Try asking your child to do a test run of the craft to see how long it will take. This is important when planning your party. You might find that it takes a long time for the craft to be completed, or for the glue to dry. Think about offering more than one craft activity as well, so that the children will have a choice of activities.


Decorating T-shirts is almost always a good craft choice at a birthday party. All you need are plain white T-shirts and fabric paint. In addition, this craft choice appeals to both boys and girls. Jewelry making is another popular birthday party craft activity, especially at girls’ parties. Use floral wire and large beads to create easy bracelets and necklaces. Plain flip-flops can be decorated as a craft activity and are a great choice for a summer birthday party by the pool.

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