Holiday Tips!
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Holiday Tips!

I’m supposed to write the “Holiday Stress” blog about how to manage your stress…RIGHT!

Actually I am in a different frame of mind this season, and none of it includes stress!

First of all, I am avoiding the malls and most stores altogether. Why? Because online shopping is where it’s at today. You can save lots of time, money, find deals, and save GAS! Not to mention the crowds, other stressed out holiday shoppers and annoying lines. I have actually found more great holiday gift ideas while surfing online, and they are all delivered right to my doorstep. The fact that I am already doing it also insures me on time delivery, and many companies are offering free shipping. Check our brand new Modern Mom Gift Guide with lots of great suggestions for all ages.

This year all my mommy friends are getting the gift of organization. I’ve pre-ordered personalized Erin Condrin yearly calendars. My favorite mommy tool is still the large weekly countertop tear away planner.
My son fell in love with Legos at Legoland last week so Santa will be stuffing his stocking with building toys. Another one of my favs is the new flip HD video camera. I just shot a TV and print campaign for them with Rain and Shaya. I designed an adorable pink Modern mom version of the flip video camera. It’s amazing for capturing those priceless moments, it’s super easy to use and the best news is that we will soon be giving away a BUNCH of them right here, for FREE!!!!! There’s a limited number of ModernMom versions, so good luck! I hope you win one… a gift from our ModernMom family to yours!

Some of my other favorite things are printable photo books. Those memories last forever; they’re thoughtful and inexpensive. Anyone with a pre-tween daughter, check out the Mother – Daughter journals. Neriah and I love ours!

For the little ones, I’m crazy about the recordable Hallmark storybooks. My kids have fun with them when Mommy can’t be home.

Just a few other tips: Break the rules a little this holiday season. Eat that homemade double chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie, and just work out harder! I’ve been getting the kids to bed a few minutes late after our Chanukah celebration every night, but so what? It’s only once a year. Get all your gifts organized now so you can relax during the final countdown to Christmas. If you miss that date for friends, send New Years cards and sentiments. If you really want to make life easy, do what we do….The holidays are for the kids (bummer), so we only purchase gifts for them. There are so many of us in our family that it’s overwhelming. We celebrate each other with love, family get togethers, wine, laughter, etc. It’s not about the presents, it’s about time shared. Oh, if you’re like me and you’ve volunteered to make the Christmas dinner for the ENTIRE family, don’t be shy….ask some of your guests to bring a dish or a dessert. Some of my family’s recipes are my favorites. Don’t try to be superwoman this season, get through it and enjoy it!

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