5 Minute Holiday Fitness Fixes!
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5 Minute Holiday Fitness Fixes!

Most of us are starting to get a little frantic by now. I know I am! Here are some 5 minute fitness tips that will really make a difference in your mind and body. Sprinkle some of these into your days in the next few weeks and you will feel the difference.

1.) Double Flight of Stairs

Stairs are a necessary part of almost everyone’s day. Whether you are at work or at home, there is usually a flight or 10 to climb and descend in a day. Take advantage of this: double or triple your trip each time. It’s not as bad or as time consuming as you think. I promise this actually has tangible results over the course of a week!

2.) Loaded Squats

You are probably doing a version of these already and not even knowing it. When you have packages and bags in your hands try to make them even on the sides of your body with your arms straight by your hips or hold them in front of your chest. Take a moment while you are already holding “weights” to work on your legs and boost your metabolism. While standing, stick your butt out behind you, engage your abs and lower down until your hips are parallel with your knees. Then drive yourself straight up to standing, pressing through your heels. Repeat for 5-10 reps throughout the day when you are loaded down with stuff. Holding a static squat while putting groceries away in the refrigerator or a low cabinet is a great way to keep the legs shapely, too!

3.) 10 Pushups, 10 Crunches – then off you go!

Before getting dressed or into the shower in the morning, take 2 minutes to do 10 pushups (kneeling is fine) and 10 crunches with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Engage your stomach and let the muscle contraction take your torso up a few inches so you are not pulling on your neck before lowering down with control. Do this for 10 reps and then off you go! This is a really tough one to get going with, but once you force yourself to do it for a few days you will more likely keep it up. The other benefit is, when you start your day with a little fitness, you will more likely continue with a healthier and more balanced day. If you can keep it up for 2 weeks then you can really feel good about indulging in the Holiday festivities!

These are the techniques I am using so I can promise they will help you too!

Good Luck! 

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