The Use of Vibrators During Pregnancy
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The Use of Vibrators During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no time to ignore your sexual desires. In fact, some women find their arousal increases during pregnancy. You naturally experience increased pelvic blood flow and increased breast sensitivity, which can heighten your sexual pleasure. You may also find sex with your partner is uncomfortable as your belly grows. Vibrators can help you achieve orgasm both with your partner and on your own without putting strain on your body or requiring you to fish for a comfortable sexual position. They’re considered generally safe to use during pregnancy as long as you follow a few guidelines.

General Consensus

As long as you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, using vibrators is a perfectly safe and often effective way to achieve orgasm. You can use the vibrator on your own during masturbation or you can use it with your partner during sex. Using vibrators and having orgasms during pregnancy is not associated with any increased risk of miscarriage or pregnancy complications in healthy pregnant women, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Your womb and the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby cushions him well enough that the increased movements and muscle contractions won’t harm him.

Benefits of Sex

Sex is an important part of every relationship. During pregnancy, as many rapid changes occur to your family, sex can help you feel connected and close to your partner. Sex can also help you relax and improve your mood. In healthy women, regular sex during pregnancy may actually decrease your risk of pre-term delivery, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. The same benefits you achieve from orgasm caused by other traditional sex can be achieved with a vibrator.

When to Pass

You shouldn’t use a vibrator or insert any object into your vagina if your water has already broken. Doing so can introduce bacteria to your vagina, which increases your risk of infection. If you’re taking measures to avoid early delivery or per-term birth, using a vibrator to achieve orgasm may initiate contractions. If you have placenta previa, or a low placenta located near your cervix, using a vibrator may increase your chances of bleeding and miscarriage, according to Gina Brown, Baby Medical Director.

Care and Safety

You need to use the same caution with a vibrator as you would during intercourse to prevent infection. Clean your vibrator with mild soap and water between uses. Never pass a vibrator back and forth between partners without washing it first or covering it with a condom to prevent sharing fluids and exposing yourself to sexually transmitted infections. Never use a vibrator anally, then vaginally without washing it first. Remember that your vibrator is likely made from harder materials than a penis and be gentle when you insert it into your vagina.

Warning Signs

If you experience any discomfort while using your vibrator, stop right away. If you experience mild pain or light vaginal spotting, tell your doctor at your next visit. If you experience moderate to severe pain or experience vaginal bleeding, stop using your vibrator and call your health care provider right away. The same is true of any sex toy or object you insert into your vagina, including your partner’s penis.

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