How to Make Your Baby a Genius While Inside the Womb
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How to Make Your Baby a Genius While Inside the Womb

You naturally want your child to grow up to be his best, and preparation for that starts in the womb. While nothing that you do can guarantee that you’ll be dropping him off at Harvard in 18 years, research has indicated that the choices you make while pregnant will affect the type of child that you have. A baby’s brain grows at an enormous rate, and he is aware of what’s going on outside the womb.

Step 1

Eat your fruits and vegetables. You might be craving a milkshake or corn chips, but your baby is craving real nutrition. The vitamins that you’ll find in healthy foods can support your baby’s brain development more than junk food.

Step 2

Take a prenatal yoga class. A mother that’s experiencing negative emotions, like stress, nervousness or anger, can pass these on to her baby. A child who’s more relaxed may have an easier time learning in school. Regular yoga classes not only help you to relax, but they stretch your muscles, making you more comfortable.

Step 3

Play classical music. You don’t have to buy special earphones to place on your belly. Playing the music as you go about your daily activities can help build neural bridges in your baby’s brain, according to the BBC.

Step 4

Take a DHA supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids also encourage brain development. These are present in fish oil, but there is a slight risk of mercury contamination in fish oil. Instead, take a plant-based DHA supplement. Discuss taking any supplements with your health care provider.

Step 5

Avoid drugs, alcohol and other contaminants. These have proven harmful to the developing brain.

Step 6

Carry your baby full term. Science Daily reports that babies who are born prematurely do not have the same levels of brain development as babies who are born full-term. Though the baby’s going to come when she’s ready, you can take care to avoid situations that might put you into early labor.

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