Tricks to Conquering a Lousy Day
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Tricks to Conquering a Lousy Day

So we have all had lousy days, right? Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or everyone at work was dumping extra tasks on you, or a spouse was constantly pointing out your faults. Whatever the situation, and we all have them, there are ways to turn the day and your mood around.

I am always trying to keep things in perspective. I look at the bigger picture and ask myself whether or not the situation will really matter down the road. Something that can feel so overwhelming one moment won’t matter the next. Is it worth creating so much fuss over? Let’s say for example you get a speeding ticket. Yes that is a bad, horrible day. But, put things into perspective: what if you were dealing with a dying parent or lost your home to a fire? Would the speeding ticket seem a bit more trivial in the big scheme of things? Probably.

Sometimes just the act of looking at your situation from a different perspective helps you tone down the negative feelings. Things that used to rattle me to the core now are simply a bump in the road. I know there is deeper meaning to all of my experiences and I try to learn from every situation. If you wake up and realize quickly that it is just going to be one of those days, here are some tips to get you through it:

1. Don’t fall victim to “treating” yourself
Something many of us do when we feel down is to run to something that makes us feel good quickly. Grab a cocktail, or two or three. Go shopping and spend money you don’t need to. Eat a gallon of ice cream. Spend a half day at the Spa. All of these things would be fun of course, but are they really going to make you feel better long-term? Probably not. You will most likely feel worse, because on top of the bad day, you now consumed 1000 extra calories, or spent your month’s allowance shopping or gave yourself a huge headache after all the alcohol.

2. Distract yourself
When something bad happens, it is easy to allow it to consume you physically and mentally. Simply taking a break from the situation will boost your mood. Call a friend. Go for a walk. See a comedy at the matinee. You may not feel like doing this in the moment, but it will always make you feel better afterward. Just the art of distraction will help you refocus on other things.

3. Pay it forward
What is the last thing you feel like doing when you are having a horrible day? An act of kindness for someone else? I guarantee that doing something kind will lift your mood and put things in perspective. It simply feels good to help someone else. If you do not believe me, give it a try next time you are having a downer of a day and see how it feels. It may not change the situation or take the bad experience away, but it will feel good and shift your mood in the moment. Then when you are in a better mood, you will be more constructive and proactive on how to move forward.

Leslie Gail is a Life Strategist for Mom’s who also hosts a Mom TV web show every week offering simple and practical advice to feel your best. Follow her on Twitter.

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