First Birthday Cakes
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First Birthday Cakes

A first birthday is a big milestone, not only for the child but also for the parents. You have survived the first year of your child’s life and you are still sane enough to celebrate–that alone deserves a party. And what is a party without a cake? But how do you decorate a cake for a first birthday celebration?

Building Blocks

You know those colorful wooden blocks with letters and numbers on their sides? You can make a cake that spells out Happy Birthday or your child’s name using cubes of cake decorated to resemble those wooden blocks. You can easily cube a sheet cake, frost the sides and then use tubes of gel icing to put letters and numbers on the blocks’ sides.

Number One

A large sheet cake cut into the shape of the number one might be an obvious choice, but it is also an easy choice. You can even print off a number one template on your computer if you don’t feel comfortable cutting the cake freehand. You can frost the number with bright and colorful frosting you made using white frosting and food coloring to make it more fun.


Cute farm animals are a great way to celebrate the first birthday of a cute baby. Find little plastic farm animal toys at any toy store and place them on top of a sheet cake frosted to look like grass. You could even include some blue icing and Swedish fish (little red gummy candy fish) for a pond and make a toothpick fence if you want. Just make sure you remove the toothpicks before letting the baby touch the cake.

Baby Picture

f you don’t have the time to make the cake yourself you can always order one from a bakery. And if you do order your cake from a bakery, you might look for one that can put a picture of the birthday child on top of the cake. You can choose your favorite photo or even put together a small collage to be transferred to the top of the cake by the bakery.

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