Viagra Effects on Women
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Viagra Effects on Women

It just doesn’t seem fair that men who are having sex problems can pop a Viagra and can usually benefit, but nothing like that exists for women. A logical assumption is that if Viagra works so well for men, maybe it can work for you. The problem is that information about Viagra for women is just not there. Doctors and researchers know some, but not all of the side effects that could occur if you take it. However, some studies exist that suggest that Viagra can sometimes help women.

Effects with Antidepressants

Your best bet for achieving success by using Viagra is probably if you already suffer sexual side effects from taking an antidepressant. In that case, Viagra might do you some good. The problem with antidepressants, in many cases, is that they make it difficult for you to become aroused or to achieve orgasm. Pfizer, maker of Viagra, conducted a survey that showed that 72 percent of women who experience sexual side effects from taking an antidepressant had an improved ability to orgasm after taking Viagra one to two hours before having sex. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, however, has not approved Viagra for women, but your doctor may prescribe it for you off-label.

How Viagra Works

Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the genitals. This works well in men, not so much for women. That’s because increased blood flow to a woman’s genitals is usually not enough to increase her libido, causing her to want to have sex, which is the primary sexual complaint among women. Vaginal dryness is another reason that women don’t want sex, and Viagra does not help with that, nor does it help with any psychological reasons that prevent a women from wanting sexual relations.

Side Effects

Women can suffer from a variety of side effects from taking Viagra. They can have headaches, abdominal pain, hot flashes, vision problems, nausea, dizziness and clitoral discomfort. It’s particularly dangerous to buy Viagra from an online pharmacy that does not have the symbol from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy because you may be buying an expired dose or one with added and dangerous ingredients.

A Women’s Desire

A woman’s sexual desire is more complex than simply bringing blood to her genitals. A woman needs to feel an intimacy with her partner, and if left unchecked, psychological problems can turn to biological ones. A possible treatment that may be better for women than Viagra is talking to a sex therapist, combined with hormone therapy or clitoral-stimulating creams.

Unwelcomed Advances

Another effect Viagra has on a woman is her response to her partner’s taking it. While some women welcome the improvement, others are simply putting up with a partner who insists on using it. Your man may assume that you are happy that he can have sex again, but in some cases that is not so. A woman may feel relief when her partner isn’t able to have sex anymore and does not welcome Viagra’s making it happen again. According to a study conducted by Dr. Annie Potts, a New Zealand psychologist, some women feel that once men take Viagra, they feel entitled to have sex, whether the woman wants to or not.

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