Tips on Working During Pregnancy Until Labor
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Tips on Working During Pregnancy Until Labor

Many women work up until going into labor, either for financial or career advancements reasons. Pregnancy presents challenges in the workplace at all stages, particularly during morning sickness and, at the end, when you feel tired and slowed down. Preparing yourself for working while pregnant helps you avoid problems with your job.

Communicate With Your Boss

Open communication with your boss about your pregnancy helps avoid a potentially tense work environment. While some bosses are supportive and happy for pregnant employees, others think only about how the pregnancy might affect business. If your boss falls in the latter category, ensure her that you will fulfill the responsibilities of your position despite the pregnancy. No matter how your boss reacts to the news, keep her informed on things like doctor’s appointments and maternity leave plans. Giving her plenty of notice allows her to plan for your absence.

Take Safety Precautions

The necessary safety precautions depend on your workplace. The average desk job at an office isn’t likely to present many dangers. On the other hand, if you work with hazardous chemicals all day long, you might need to rethink your job while you’re pregnant. Make sure you aren’t exposed to dangerous chemicals, loud noises or excessive vibrations that could cause problems. Avoid lifting heavy objects or standing for long periods of time. Long work hours and high stress levels can also cause problems during your pregnancy. Talk with your boss about possible modifications to lower the risks.

Ease Your Discomforts

The common discomforts of pregnancy might distract you from your work. Take some time to find ways to ease those discomforts so they don’t interfere with your productivity. Keep snacks in your desk to help with nausea. Make sure you get enough sleep and take breaks as necessary to combat the fatigue that often accompanies pregnancy. A comfortable office chair also makes sitting at a desk more tolerable while pregnant.

Be Flexible

Despite your best intentions, at the end of your pregnancy, you might feel too exhausted to continue working. Some women also experience complications that require bed rest or cutting back on responsibilities. Leaving work a week or two before your baby is born gives you a little break before all the sleepless nights and diaper changes. Building up some extra savings early in the pregnancy helps you prepare financially if you are unable to work right up until labor begins.

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